The Significance of Flirtation



It is summertime which means more summer themed gatherings, more skin showing, and summer flings and/or romances. But how do these types of romances, or any other type for that matter, initially happen? Joann Rodgers, in her article on explains the defining catalyst to romantically and physically involved relationships; flirtation. From the way opposite sexes physically attract each other to the elements that attraction are based on, the article covers these topics looking at a comparison of humans and animals. From female and male human perspectives, different flirtation scenarios and devices are depicted and explained. But more than just the flaunting and parading around of males, and the coquettish behavior of females, flirting is a way, for humans to advertise their abilities on a higher level that that of animals. Dr. Steven W. Gangestad, explains that ” ‘for a signaling system to convey something meaningful about a desirable attribute, there has to be some honesty,’ “. This aspect of honesty, similar to knowledge, humor, and other uniquely human characteristics , are factors of “more complex lives in which our higher faculties presumably contribute something to success.” These more developed characteristics that we humans process withing the act of flirtation , along with very innate attractions, such as attraction towards physical symmetry, a curvy female body, and a strong masculine build, create the mental, emotional, and physical mixture that is the flirtation. To look more in depth at the topics covered in this post read the article below.

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