Olympic Season

Olympic Season


In accordance with this Olympic season, it is only proper to address the psychological impacts the Olympics has on the world. Based on many examples, aside from a few instances, the power of the Olympics has been displayed in bringing the entire world together through wars and rough times. It is an important message to be shown that even in times of turmoil, the power of patriotism, and a sense of global togetherness, can shine through phases of wartime and conflict. Though this important element is sometimes overshadowed by less important aspects of the Olympics, we need to all remember that this is what the Olympics has been about since it started. Those five Olympic rings are a symbol in their own, that represent so much more than just a logo. Preservation of tradition, global unity, and prime athleticism, along with the excitement and pride that comes with seeing those rings, are the core symbols that come through in the Olympics, whether we are cheering for our country or the equally impressive talents of another.

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