How much does it hurt?








Everybody hurts. Maybe, there are the few people in the world that loss their sense of pain due to a once in a life time occurrence, something almost ridiculous, such as a getting hit by lightening. Otherwise, we all feel pain, all different types and all the time. gives us some insight to possible ways particular people have felt, defined, and measured pain. With the click of a link to a podcast, shares the producer Tim Howard’s, virtual and real adventure as he follows a few accounts on the experiences that come with defining and categorizing pain. Though pain is a collectively negative experience, this podcast, is hilarious, upbeat, and thought provoking. And it asks legitimate questions. How on earth do you describe pain well enough for someone to be able to relate? Is it even measurable? Are different types of pain comparable at all? This podcast uses pleasantly dictated accounts of an entomologists experiences with bug bites and stings, historic child birthing pain tests, and a personal account of chronic discomfort to map out an overarching representation of pain. To hear this comical and engaging podcast and to read the article, click the links below.





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