About Us

Psychological Solutions offers the best psych testing in salt lake city utah for young adults and teens

Psychological Solutions, Inc. (PSI) was founded in 2005 to address a need for high quality evaluations for adolescents and young adults in treatment programs. Our commitment to quality is what separates us from others in our industry. We primarily work in the Intermountain West, where the bulk of residential treatment and wilderness therapy programs are located, although we maintain an office in New York City and have psychologists who work with us on both coasts.


PSI provides the highest quality psychological evaluations for our clients. We also consult with therapists, treatment programs, referring professionals, and schools on a variety of issues. Our evaluations are intended to guide ongoing treatment. To meet this goal, PSI psychologists provide an integrated background of developmental and historical information that includes strengths and areas of resiliency in addition to providing multiaxial diagnoses and clarification of problems, along with practical recommendations.


Our psychologists have years of “in the trenches” experience working in schools, residential treatment programs, hospitals, and wilderness programs. Every PSI evaluation is completed by a Ph.D. level psychologist who has undergone rigorous training and supervision specific to this particular population. But we don’t stop there. Following “best practice” guidelines, we provide ongoing professional development for our psychologists that include case consultations, specific trainings, social gatherings, and quarterly “think-tank” meetings. To provide another level of quality control, each PSI evaluation is carefully peer-reviewed by another licensed psychologist in our group before it is finalized. We then conduct follow up customer satisfaction surveys in order to continually refine our clinical practice and administrative procedures


Research shows that treatment works best when it is individualized to meet the specific needs of a client. We take this idea seriously. Rather than simply rely on a “standard battery” of tests and other assessment procedures, we customize what we do to meet a client’s specific needs. PSI psychologists also have a wide range of clinical specialties. This diversity enables us to “match” the best evaluator with a specific student.


We follow the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2010). PSI psychologists also adhere to copyright and licensing laws in each region in which we test. PSI leads our field in being “top to bottom” HIPAA compliant. Practically speaking, this means that all clinical information is held in the strictest confidence.